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2/13/2011 -New Comic/ Old Comic

Parallel Dementia is over. I gave my reasoning why a few months back and you can still read that here. I make another statement now to address a few things.

One is that my new webcomic Derelict, something I am far more confident in my ability to manage and bring to a conclusion, has started up. I don't think it's something that all PD readers will like, as for all of its similarities there are many differences, but I encourage you all to head over and give it a look.

The second thing I want to bring up is the constant emails I've been getting since I ended Parallel Dementia. A good number of people, probably in the dozens by now, have offered to finish this comic for me – be it in the form of taking it over completely, or taking over just the art or writing side and having me fill in the rest. To all of these people, I thank you for the interest but I really can't allow you to do that. I don't think you understand what finishing this comic entails.

I could write the rest of PD with relative ease, first of all, so the fact that those offering writing outnumber those offering art sort of baffles me. It'd just be like another 400 pages at least and I am not down for drawing all that. Writing is the most important part of a webcomic in my opinion and can be the most challenging, but art is the most time-consuming aspect.

Why don't I post prose summarizing the rest of the story if I could write it and know what it is? Well, I might cannibalize parts of PD for future stories. Or maybe, just maybe, return to PD eventually and relaunch it with various changes to give it real justice. I don't want to let slip these ideas because I want them to still be a surprise if I can ever use them.

I also think that those of you volunteering your services have no idea what you're offering to get into. Making a webcomic can be fun and highly rewarding, but it's exhausting, consumes a good deal of your free time, and will go on for years. You'd also not even be working with your own property so I think your reward would feel like less.

Another thing I've noticed as a constant is a doubt in your own skills when proposing taking over to me. The majority of you admit a lack of confidence in your art or writing or both, and yet assume this is enough. I can see why one might think that anyone finishing this is better than no-one, but for 5 years Parallel Dementia was my baby and I'd certainly rather leave it where it is now than hand it to someone who's not confident in their ability to work on it. I'd also like to point out that drawing and writing for a comic is far different than for stand-alone illustrations and narratives respectively, and that many of you come to me saying you've never tried comics before. Would I have given the comic to a stranger if they emailed me with a portfolio of beautifully rendered and well-written comics? Yeah, early on probably. Now? Maybe, but I'd assume someone like that has better things to do than finish PD for me.

So again, I thank you for your devotion, but I really need you to understand why this isn't going to work out. What you should do is try something for yourself. Make your own webcomic and your own story and if you stick to it you'll improve rapidly and fall in love with it! It will be good for you! And go ahead and make it about interdimensional demons and monster-hunters it's not like I have copyright on the idea. Or, if you really really think you have a good idea for how PD ends.... do fanfic. Yeah, it's not official, but it's a way to get your ideas out there and I'll probably read it.

Anyway, that turned into a rant, but I just want to hammer home that no, PD is over and I'm not handing it off to someone new.

Oh. A final note. No. I will not give Visage a spinoff. My god. Stop asking.


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